Integrating Water and Energy Efficiency in South Cambridgeshire

Cornerstone was awarded a four year contract to insulate South Cambridgeshire District Council’s housing stock in July 2016.

To add value to this contract, we engaged the local water company, Cambridge Water, to help us to raise awareness of the importance of water efficiency, as well as energy efficiency, to householders.

Since Autumn 2016, we have been providing householders receiving insulation measures with a pack including a range of water efficiency measures such as shower timers, tap aerators and toilet leak detector strips. These measures are provided by Cambridge Water as part of their commitment to educate domestic customers and support them in reducing excess water usage. Over 30 households have benefitted from these packs to date.

The water efficiency measures will help householders to minimise the volume of water they use through day to day activities, which will in turn reduce their water bills if their properties are metered. In addition, the reduction in usage enhances the sustainable credentials of the scheme, with less waste water being passed through the carbon hungry treatment process.

Cornerstone’s Contracts Manager commented: ‘Cornerstone is delighted to have formed a partnership with Cambridge Water to reduce the utility bills of householders across the board. Householders have warmly welcomed the initiative, which we hope to roll out on a larger scale in 2017.’

For more information on this initiative or on Cornerstone, please contact Rebecca Joyce at

Steve Colella, Senior Water Delivered Analyst at Cambridge Water, commented: ‘Cambridge Water is very happy to support this water and energy saving imitative and sees it as an effective and efficient way of helping our customers not only to save water but also reduce their energy and water service charges. One of the biggest benefits can be seen by reducing the energy used by reducing the amount of hot water, particularly either by reducing the time spent in the shower or installing an aerator or an aerated shower head. There are a number of very simple ways of reducing the amount of water and saving on utility bills. Simple devices that reduce the volume of older toilet cisterns and turning the sink tap off when cleaning teeth are simple measures that are promoted as part of this partnership with Cornerstone and South Cambridgeshire District Council. I would encourage all customers to explore this imitative and thank both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cornerstone for their commitment and support’.

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