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Loft insulation involves the installation of insulating material between the joists of a loft floor to prevent the movement of heated air into the loft space and ultimately out through the roof. 

Heat will always flow from a warm area to a cold one and hot air rises. The colder it is outside, the faster heat from your home will escape into the surrounding air and up through the roof.  Insulation makes it much more difficult for heat to pass up through your roof by providing a layer of material which has lots of air pockets in it.

Loft insulation is generally made of mineral wool (a lightweight, high-efficiency insulation material) and is recommended to be installed to a depth of 270mm.



If your property has an uninsulated loft space, around a quarter of the heat from your home will escape through the roof. Loft insulation is an inexpensive and effective means of insulating your property. Loft insulation, which is effective for at least 40 years, will pay for itself around twenty times over in this time.

Save up to £225 on your energy bills every year*

Reduce damp and condensation in your home

Reduce heat loss by around one quarter

Make your home warmer and more comfortable


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Most properties will be suitable for loft insulation – this will be confirmed as part of a pre-installation survey.  Your loft space will need to be accessible to the installer via a loft hatch, and any items stored there will need to be removed prior to the installation.   

Any issues with damp or condensation should be resolved before insulation is installed, as this could make the problems worse – speak to a builder who specialises in damp prevention for advice on how to fix this.


Rolls of mineral wool are laid in between the joists. A second layer laid at right angles to the rolls between the joists covers them and brings the depth up to the recommended level.

Although it is possible to install loft insulation yourself, the process requires a reasonable level of mobility and DIY competence.  Professional installers are able to install loft insulation relatively inexpensively and provide peace of mind that the correct methodology has been applied.  The whole process should take between two to three hours, depending on the size of the loft space.


By installing loft insulation, the amount of heat escaping from your home into the loft space will be greatly reduced making the space cooler. This means you will need to insulate any pipes and tanks in the loft to prevent any potential risks of them freezing in the colder conditions.

It is also recommended that the loft hatch is insulated by attaching a block of polystyrene insulation to its upper side, and ensuring any gaps around the side of it are sealed by applying draught proofing strips around the frame to prevent the cooler air creating cold draughts below.

Cornerstone has insulated more than 2,500 lofts to date


The cost of loft insulation varies between properties, from around £250 to £450, depending the on the size of the property and the level of any existing insulation.  The measure will usually pay for itself within two years. 


Approximate Annual Energy Bill Savings*
Save around £225

*Figures from the Energy Saving Trust, based on insulating a gas-heated home

Approximate Annual Energy Bill Savings*
Save around £135

*Figures from the Energy Saving Trust, based on insulating a gas-heated home

Approximate Annual Energy Bill Savings*
Save around £120

*Figures from the Energy Saving Trust, based on insulating a gas-heated home

Approximate Annual Energy Bill Savings*
Save around £195

*Figures from the Energy Saving Trust, based on insulating a gas-heated home

Depending on your households circumstances, funding could be available to contribute towards the cost of loft insulation.  Finance options are also available. 


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cornerstone for the excellent job you did on insulating my home. Both the Site Manager and his team have done a superb job and have worked very hard. I was particularly impressed on how polite and efficient every member of the team were at all times. Once again, thank you.".

Mr A, Park Home Owner, Cheshire

“We have a great relationship - they undertake whatever is necessary to complete the contract on time, budget and to the quality levels required. I would highly recommend Cornerstone.”

Jason MacCormick, Project Manager, Saffron Housing

“I am very pleased with the standard of work delivered by Cornerstone, which has transformed the centre. I found Cornerstone to be a very knowledgeable, professional and responsive company that I would certainly use again for similar projects."

Colin Sheldrick, Site Manager at C J Murfitt, Cambridgeshire

"I’ve called all the residents you’ve completed installs on at Centre Drive. The feedback has been fantastic! Polite, courteous, beyond the call of duty, tidy, professional, amazing communication, extremely neat, hardworking - these are some of the responses I’ve had. Great praise for all your project / team managers too."

Kayleigh Maguire, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Officer, East Cambridgeshire District Council

Cornerstone is based in East Anglia and can generally provide services from individual installation level upwards in the following locations:

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However, we can deliver larger projects across the length and breadth of mainland England, from the South West to the North East.

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